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Pandemic Response

The SMILE Cold-Chain for Mass Vaccination and Testing 

We are the winner of

engineering x pandemic preparedness programme funded by the royal academy of engineering

There is Worldwide research into a vaccine for Covid-19. Yet to provide mass vaccinations for a new threat is a monumental, logistical task. It will be apparent that GP surgeries, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals would be overwhelmed.


Furthermore, there will be many vulnerable people who are unable to get to a vaccination point. Storing and distributing a million, let alone tens of million doses of a vaccine brings in many logistical challenges. 

To run a large-scale vaccination programme in weeks rather than months will require a far larger network of district nurses or similar that are able to visit vast numbers of the population as soon as possible. We shall need a means to transport large numbers of doses, potentially storing them overnight or over several days.


SMILE can provide an efficient and effective means of transporting vaccines in vehicles, on foot, bicycles, donkeys or canoes. SMILE can also provide reliable storage for large-scale testing. 

Contact us to work together. 

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