Saving vaccines
to save lives

Our Mission

Keeping Vaccines Active

Here at Ideabatic, we are driven by a single goal; giving every person a chance at life. Vaccines are often damaged by temperature fluctuations in the crucial 'last mile' of their journey.

Current carriers are, at best, inefficient cool boxes.


SMILE, our Smart Last-mile Cooling System, a freeze-free and fail-safe carrier that will allow us to transport these life-saving vaccines using our SMILE technology.

We want to help eradicate debilitating diseases such as diphtheria, hepatitis B and meningitis for the next generation of children everywhere. SMILE could also facilitate and strengthen our cold-chain logistics for pandemic response globally such as for COVID-19.

We aim to change this by preserving vaccines and protecting humanity in the difficult last mile of life. 

Let's work together to reach out to every one. 


How We Can Help

We are teaming up with organisations in Africa to deliver vaccines to rural and suburban areas. 
Check out our blog for details of our visit in Nigeria!

One Cool Journey

Temperature variation of current vaccine carriers lead to cold-chain issues

Existing vaccine carriers or coolers either freeze vaccines or warm up above the required temperature range within a few hours during use. Last-mile journeys can last for a few hours to seven days.

This is why we develop SMILE, solving these critical challenges.