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Keeping Vaccines Active

Here at IDEABATIC, we are driven by a single goal; giving every person a chance at life. Vaccines are often damaged by temperature fluctuations in the crucial 'last mile' of their journey.

Current carriers are, at best, inefficient cool boxes.


SMILE, our SMart last-mILE Cooling System, a freeze-free and fail-safe carrier that will allow transport and administer these life-saving vaccines efficiently.  

The Problem

Last-mile cold chain

The last-mile vaccine cold-chain problem is among one of the most challenging that needs solving.


According to the World Health Organisation’s report, globally 20-50% of vaccines get spoiled. In remote areas, the literature also reported spoilage rates of 86% in some areas. 


The cold-chain industry has experience of keeping products safe at their cold-storage facilities and within their network. However, the cold-chain at the last node (‘last-mile’) has remained a challenge.


Issues are also present in sample preservation in bio-medical research laboratories and industries globally.


The Solution

the only last-mile solution that reduce human error and spoilage

IDEABATIC’s solution is SMILE: a patented, SMart, last-mILE cooling system. SMILE is the only last-mile solution that reduces human error and spoilage.  It is low-tech and fail-proof.

  • Self-closing and air-locking carousel system


  • Single icepack design with no ice-conditioning required

  • Freeze-free

  • Chemical-free

  • Universal sample holders

  • All-in-one backpack

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How can we help?

For Vaccines or other temperature-sensitive products? 

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