Our Story

Ideabatic’s story started in late 2014, when founder Kitty Liao participated in a humanitarian hackathon at CERN and realised that there is a big problem across the world.


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), each year, 2-3 million children die of a vaccine-preventable disease and 19.5 million miss basic vaccinations. Up to 85% of the vaccines are spoiled before they reach their destination and at least $1 billion of resources are wasted every year. One of the major issues is that the cold-chain in the last few miles of the delivery is broken. Last-mile journeys can take from hours  up to 7 days on bikes, donkeys and canoes but current carriers have freezing problems and last for only 8 hours when in use.  


As a low-temperature system expert, Kitty became determined to solve this problem. 

She founded Ideabatic inspired by the thermodynamic term ‘adiabatic’. Her vision is to help people with innovation in hardware-focused engineering and to encourage scientists and engineers to work on global problems. 


 Inspired by Kitty’s vision, Ideabatic has expanded to a team of like-minded individuals from diverse background ranging from low temperature physics, design, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, finance and medicine. Ideabatic's SMILE vaccine carrier is designed to solve these challenges and has been tested and proven.


Ideabatic has won multiple innovation awards and grants since May 2016. We are supported by the Expo 2020 Dubai, the Royal Academy of Engineering,  the Federal Capital Territory Primary Healthcare Board, the Centre for Global Equality and Ikongo District's Department of Public Health in Madagascar.


We are welcoming talented individuals and collaborators who share the same passion to join the journey to spread SMILE across the world.

Please do get in touch. 

Together, we will reach every child however difficult the journey is.